Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fashion Films: Dior

The latest trend in fashion has nothing to do with skirt length and everything to do with technology.  Fashion films have become one of the best (and most interesting) ways for fashion houses to share their fashion on the web.  It is not only interesting to watch, but a rather smart marketing technique! 

The following, "Lady Blue Shanghai," was made for Christian Dior.  Featuring Marion Cotillard and made by David Lynch, this is more than just fashion, it's a movie!  The main Dior pieces featured are the handbags.

This is the first chapter of the "saga" that you can either check out through YouTube or



  1. I love fashion films! Although I think the 'Lady Blue' could have been much better.

  2. Yeah I personally love how ridiculous a lot of them are. But the ones that really showcase the clothes, like the recent Cruise Line for Chanel, are so much fun. You get to picture the life Karl Lagerfeld must dream up for the men and women he designs for. But you'd think such creative minds could come
    up with better scripts!


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