Wednesday, May 19, 2010


“Clothes that are supposed to be the triumph of modesty are often the most seductive” – Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel

I have become increasingly obsessed with Coco Chanel and her whole approach to not only fashion but life in general.  Recently I completed her biography CHANEL A Woman of Her Own by Axel Madsen and couldn’t help but record multiple quotes as I went.  The one above brings up an interesting idea that I often wonder 1. whether it’s true and 2. whether it can ever be embraced again in society.

Today, post women’s liberation and other such defining events, skin is certainly no longer hidden as it once was just 100 years ago.  Chanel was certainly one woman who made a HUGE difference in women’s fashion liberation by throwing old standards out the window.  But even though the Chanel woman was indeed more “liberated” than most, there was a certain sense of modesty and charm to her clothing that has been lost on generation Y.  Perhaps we are all still waiting to define ourselves to define our fashion, but what we are wearing today will always be apart of our definition.

In a course I took on the history of fashion, it was even joked that Victorian fashion (picture collars up to your chin and corsets) was the exact opposite of modesty (though it claimed to be just that) because it hugged the woman’s form so tightly that nothing was hidden.  Chanel’s clothes, however, often had a loose and comfortable fit that not only were not very revealing, but were somewhat masculine.  However, they were definitely seductive and classy.

A theme I will often return to in posts is re-defining one’s fashion.  Perhaps this has sparked some thoughts to encourage discussion?  I don’t know where I stand on it myself.

All you need is confidence,

PS  Something that is curious, however, is Karl Lagerfeld's recent Chanel Cruise line including completely see-through garments...has he lost the real Chanel?


  1. I love Chanel! I like that it's classy, polished and timeless. I know the book was probably 1000 times better, but did you see the Coco Chanel movie that came out a few years ago?

  2. The one for tv? I loved it! And a French film called "coco" recently came out and was great too!


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