Thursday, May 27, 2010

Opinion: Signature Scent

For many years now I have been wearing one scent: Dior J'adore.  I originally chose it while in the pursuit of a "signature scent."

As many of you likely know, scent is the strongest thing tied to memory.  For the years prior to my signature scent hunt, I had dabbled here and there in other scents (such as scents from Lucky and Tommy Hilfiger), and, like many young girls, in various Bath and Body Works scents.

But when I decided that I needed a signature scent, so that people would think of me everytime they smelled it, I went to Macy's and hunted the perfume aisles for one that would span a lifetime.

I love Dior J'adore, but should a person be limited to just one scent?  

Please weigh in with your opinion...


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