Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sex and the City 2 Review

I meant to do this sooner but was hoping to have photos of what I wore to post along with it.  I ended up wearing the Saks 5th shoes that I posted a week and a half ago, a black satin jumpsuit (racerback) that cinched just below the knee, my two sparkly bird friends (owl necklace and parrot ring) and a new D&G jacket for the cold/rainy/nasty California weather that shouldn't have been real.  

So before I review the movie, let me review the experience.  We went to a schnazzy bar beforehand and got a couple of cosmos.  BUT they didn't serve it in the standard martini glass.  I know purists think there is only one drink to serve in that glass, but most bars don't act like purists.  I WANTED THE GLASS!  

Then, we get to the movie about 45 minutes early to line up (as recommended).  I intended on taking photos of all of the different groups that dressed up and making an epically fabulous blog post out of it.  So when we get there to find no line, I'm thoroughly disappointed (has that statement ever been made?).  We go to get our seats in the theater and not only is no one dressed up, but most of the people were dressed like complete slobs!  This is opening night at 6:45 people!  This should have been prime time for happy-hour and cute outfits!  In fact, almost anytime should be prime time for a cute outfit, but I looked around to see a sea of sweats and greasy popcorn and dreamt of being in NYC (under the potentially false hope that they actually dressed the part out there).

So then the movie starts and I am SO excited (even after a number of epic fails).  And I definitely enjoyed the movie for the fun fashion and the one-liners, but the story line was rather weak and the actresses looked surprisingly old.  Miranda looked the best throughout (which wasn't necessarily the case in the series), and the little story lines came and went rather quickly.  I laughed most of the movie, but I would recommend waiting until it comes to your local Redbox if you're not totally into the series.  And if you are totally into the series, see it simply because you can't wait, but don't expect it to have the same pizazz as the series you know.  I would give it a 3/5...and that's probably being generous on the critic scale.

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