Thursday, June 10, 2010


Recently I became a group fitness instructor and this week adding that to a daily workout schedule has turned me into a gym rat!  Because of this, I haven't worn anything fashionable in days (is that really an excuse?).  So I haven't posted...and trust me, my gym clothes look nothing like the above photo.

After spending more than 4-hours doing various workouts on Monday alone (and no, I don't recommend this to my readers), I have spent the week feeling like the Hulk.  Not in the way that my muscles look massive or anything intense, but because they feel like they're constantly tight (and thus, constantly sore!) I'm going to burst! 

And today I started thinking, isn't it funny that the idea of a "gym" even exists?  The fact that we lift weights and run in place on treadmills is interesting when you think about it.  The reason I love the gym is because I love experiencing the great things my body can do.  And yes, I LOVE SWEATING!  It just makes me feel...alive!  But back in the day (and in other parts of the world today), the gym was likely a comical idea.  People were just fit because their lifestyles demand it.  Now we hardly have to manually work for what we eat and use and live in and only those in extreme manual labor professions can really say that the idea of a gym is probably unnecessary to them.

Fascinating?  I think so...and maybe I'm not even making myself clear enough because I am in awe of the idea.  I absolutely love the gym (and doing various exercises elsewhere), but thinking about it, it feels like I'm building muscle for either health or vanity won't effect how efficient I am in my daily activities...likely why people avoid it unfortunately. 

Happy Workouts!

PS I leave you with one more "Gym" fashion shoot: 

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