Friday, September 24, 2010

Gilt(y) love

Special delivery!  From?!  Ahh!  So..story.  The other day I'm sitting in class and happen to check my email at about 11:54am EST to find my daily announcement from Gilt about what they have going on sale at noon EST.  And my eyes see Missoni.  I looked last time Missoni was on because, as many of you likely know, Missoni is known for their fantastic choice in fabrics and have become particularly known for a zig-zag pattern I love.  So back to the story, I'm in class and watching the clock till noon until I quickly sign into my Gilt App (that's def why they made it!) and find this AMAZING little Missoni zig-zag scarf that I had eyed during the last sale but not purchased.  But here it was taunting me again and likely on even more limited supply...but the real kicker?  $29!  Regularly $250!  So...I bought it...right then and there in class and 2 days later (WOW!) the package arrived from Gilt!

And can I please comment on the packaging?  I have only ordered one other item from Gilt (a Marc by Marc Jacobs dress), and I saved the first box and am about to save this one.  Why?  Just look at it!  It looks like a standard brown box on the outside, but inside has a cool fashion scene inlaid in black, black tissue paper wrapping my Missoni box, and a little black note with gold etching from simply saying "Thank you for your purchase" from Alexis + Alexandra (the founders).  Gilt Groupe...ARE YOU HIRING?!  Email me for my resume ;)  And for readers?  Ask me for a invite!

How I wore it (with D&G tank, Guess jean vest, Dolce jean skirt, belt from Italy, Report shoes):

Gilt(y) dreams,

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  1. but you like... don't dress well. you have the reporting down for the fashion blog but not so much the good personal sense of style. then again with money we'd all probably do a lot better for ourselves


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