Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Can Hear the Bells

DON'T scroll down yet...WAIT!  You must prepare yourself for what you are about to see: Oscar de la Renta Spring 2011 Bridal gowns.  Why am I sharing these with you? Because two people very dear to me happen to be in the midst of planning their weddings.  And though I know one has "said yes! to the dress," it's still fun to take a peak at what's hitting the high fashion runways!  Just a little fun...right?  

The first I'm sharing with you has color in it...gasp!  And no, I don't mean "champagne."  A peasant inspired look, this whole image just seems so mystical and well...gorgeous! to me.  It certainly is atypical but at the same time seems more "traditional" than a lot of modern dresses.  What do we think though?  Color ok or no?  Please share! 

The second is even more "traditional" but isn't necessarily a silhouette you see often on the aisle anymore.  But perhaps playing off the idea that "more" (in this case, more fabric) is often more enchanting and alluring.  And doesn't Oscar do a fantastic job with lace in both of these dresses?

Ladies...I know you have opinions out there...don't be shy!  And in case you just want to take a little more in depth peek, here's a LINK to the rest of Oscar's Spring 2011 bridal collection ;)

Don't you hear them chime?


  1. Thanks for sharing Shannon! LOVE the second dress! Personally I don't love color in my bridal gowns, but I can appreciate the beauty in the dresses themselves. Looking forward to my dress shopping!

  2. don't care much for the green...but I LOVE lace!!!!


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